Eye of the Week ~ James & the Giant Peach

Much though I love Roald Dahl, James and the Giant Peach greatly disturbed me as a child. Giant insects and the thought of being trapped inside a rotting, sticky, too-sweet prison…*shudder*

But I enjoy unearthing tales from my childhood, for my EOTW posts, and this was too good to pass up. Technically, this is less peach and more bronze, having more orange/yellow undertones than yellow/pink undertones. But whatever.

Printcess EOTW James & the Giant Peach

(in indirect sunlight)

Printcess EOTW James & the Giant Peach


That’s Slippers on my browbone, Witch on the inner half of my eyelid, and Plot on the outer half, with wings (whee!).


Printcess EOTW James & the Giant Peach

(in total shade, so you can see how the brown of Plot comes through)


Eye of the Week ~ Evil Queen

We all know that Team Evil has the best wardrobe. I think they’re probably the best-read, as well. Today I’m taking a cue from Snow White’s evil shapeshifting queen.

EOTW ~ Evil Queen

(in natural light)

EOTW ~ Evil Queen


EOTW ~ Evil Queen

(with flash, for drama)


This wicked nighttime look was achieved by dabbing and sweeping Witch onto my eyelid and into my crease. I then dabbed a bit of Poison Apple from my lower outside edge lid (about a brush’s width) and blended most of the harsh edges away.

I finished with a line of Kingdom on my upper lash and lower water line (to my tear ducts), and mascara.

Don’t you love when a look and a story come together? This one feels fitting. 🙂

All copyrights to Disney