Eye of the Week ~ Macbeth

The Wyrd Sisters could get behind this. I wanted to show how different a shade could be if blended, as opposed to layered (wings vs liner).

Printcess EOTW Macbeth

Printcess EOTW Macbeth

That’s Storytime on most of my lid, with Deus Ex Machina in the outer corner and as a liner, and Manuscript on my browbone.

I admit, I’m a bit vain, and all shades of purple do great things for blue and green eyes. 🙂


Eye of the Week ~ Enchantments

Printcess Eye of the Week ~ Enchantments

Printcess Eye of the Week ~ Enchantments

I rocked this eyeshadow look for an interview (two, actually) because I’m still somewhat obsessed with the color purple. It’s odd, because I’m normally a blue/green gal. But something about these shades is pure magic for me.

Printcess Eye of the Week ~ Enchantments(with flash, for drama)

That’s Narrative on the browbone, Ball on the inner third of my eyelid, Storytime on the middle third of my eyelid, and Happily Ever After on the outer third of my eyelid and in the crease. (And mascara on my upper and lower lashes)

I did a lot of blending and layering with this look, which is my new favorite thing.


Speaking of new favorite things, this is adorable and I love it muchly:

I still believe in 398.2 pendant

398.2 is Fairytales in the Dewey Decimal system. Brought to you by Zazzle!

Featured Eyeshadow ~ Storytime

When Pantone announced the 2014 color of the year, my first thought was “I can’t look good in that color”. My second thought was “I bet I could make an eye shadow in that”.

What do you think? Did I come close to the mark?

Here’s what it looks like on:

In shadow

In sunlight

I gotta say, my favorite part about this color is that Storytime sparkles in the sun, but not the shade.

And please forgive the goosebumps- in January in Seattle, the one day the sun popped out it was about 35 degrees. Brrr!

Honestly, I’m eager to see 2015’s color of the year…I’m betting it’ll be a dark burnished gold. Betting? Sorry, I meant hoping. 😉

Eye of the Week ~ Tuck Everlasting

It’s been a typical grey, stormy, wet January here in Seattle. It’s not a never-ending pewter, but it does dampen the spirits (pun intended).

As color is my go-to happy maker, I fought the grey with some Easter egg pops of color, courtesy of Storytime and Prologue.

Pardon the low-light and blur. Also, I lined my lower waterline with Epilogue for a more polished of a look.

That’s Narrative on the brow bone, blended into the crease.

(with flash, for sparkle)

It didn’t chase the clouds away, but it did make me think of Spring, and my tulips. Proof positive that makeup can improve your mood!