Eye of the Week ~ James & the Giant Peach

Much though I love Roald Dahl, James and the Giant Peach greatly disturbed me as a child. Giant insects and the thought of being trapped inside a rotting, sticky, too-sweet prison…*shudder*

But I enjoy unearthing tales from my childhood, for my EOTW posts, and this was too good to pass up. Technically, this is less peach and more bronze, having more orange/yellow undertones than yellow/pink undertones. But whatever.

Printcess EOTW James & the Giant Peach

(in indirect sunlight)

Printcess EOTW James & the Giant Peach


That’s Slippers on my browbone, Witch on the inner half of my eyelid, and Plot on the outer half, with wings (whee!).


Printcess EOTW James & the Giant Peach

(in total shade, so you can see how the brown of Plot comes through)


Eye of the Week ~ Island of the Blue Dolphins

Sometimes a light hand with makeup is not what’s called for. This is actually two blue eyeshadows- Once Upon A Time on the inner 3/4 of my eyelid, Denouement on the outer 1/4. With Slippers on my browbone to open them up, my eyes look bluey blue blue blue.

Printcess EOTW ~ Island of the Blue Dolphins Printcess EOTW ~ Island of the Blue Dolphins

They’re far more stunning from a distance, as Once Upon A Time has a fabulous shimmer to it. But up close you can see the blending of the two shades better. I feel like I was perhaps too subtle with the blues (resulting in a purely 1980’s look)…next time I’ll rock it out more noticeably.

What eyeshadow colors are you struggling to wear satisfactorily? Is there a color you just won‘t wear at all?

Eye of the Week ~ Where the Sidewalk Ends




How about a daytime look that travels into the unusual, the poignantly ridiculous, the frivolous?

Printcess EOTW - Where the Sidewalk Ends Printcess EOTW - Where the Sidewalk Ends

That’s Mirror Mirror on the very inside portion of the eyelid, Epilogue over the rest of my eyelid, Slippers on my brow bone, and Peasant as a liner on my upper lid and outer third of my waterline.

This was just a bit of playing around, but I found out that a little dab of a slightly darker color (as Mirror Mirror is, compared to this light a layer of Epilogue) makes the eyes look slightly closer together.

Eye of the Week ~ Rapunzel

I’m celebrating the new Fairytale collection with a bold look, inspired by the Lady of the Locks…Rapunzel.

Eye of the Week ~ Rapunzel (in sunlight)

Eye of the Week ~ Rapunzel(in sunlight)


Eye of the Week ~ Rapunzel(with flash)

That’s Slippers swept over my brow bone and blended with Royals, which cuts a wide swath around my crease. Then I layered Happily Ever After on my lid, blended in and over to the side for a gentle, subtle cat eye. Happily Ever After is my favorite blurple. And Royals works, with my skin tone, as a neutral mauve/flesh tone. Royals and Happily Every After being mattes helps to balance the bling of Slippers.

So, which fairytale maiden should I channel for next week’s EOTW??