Eye of the Week ~ Where the Sidewalk Ends




How about a daytime look that travels into the unusual, the poignantly ridiculous, the frivolous?

Printcess EOTW - Where the Sidewalk Ends Printcess EOTW - Where the Sidewalk Ends

That’s Mirror Mirror on the very inside portion of the eyelid, Epilogue over the rest of my eyelid, Slippers on my brow bone, and Peasant as a liner on my upper lid and outer third of my waterline.

This was just a bit of playing around, but I found out that a little dab of a slightly darker color (as Mirror Mirror is, compared to this light a layer of Epilogue) makes the eyes look slightly closer together.


Featured Eyeshadow ~ Peasant

And now for another embarrassing tale of makeup making:

In a true rags-to-riches twist, Peasant started out as a lovely dark tan. I was quite proud of the sand-tone color I’d made, thinking it excellent for neutral looks.

And then I put it on my eyes, as I test all my colors on myself first. And as I brushed it on, I realized it was streaking….I had forgotten to grind it down!

So I quickly ground it…and as I worked, this earthy tone became charcoal. Like magic!

Peasant from Printcess in Sun

And so my Cinderella color was born- a happy accident.

Peasant eyeshadow from Printcess

Thankfully, it’s still an excellent shadow…although more for smokey eye looks than nude looks.

Peasant from Printcess

Eye of the Week ~ Woodcutter’s Daughter

As fun as royals can be…

Prince Harry

Prince Harry in Australia

My heart tends to be on the side of the lower classes, especially the women of the lower classes.

In fairytales, they’re often given the promise of a better life only if they can vault some seemingly-impossible task. Solve the riddle, spin the straw, catch the prince’s attention, and you can be free of poverty, indentured servitude, a murderous husband, etc.

Printcess Eye of the Week ~ Woodcutter's Daughter Printcess Eye of the Week ~ Woodcutter's Daughter

That’s Forest on my inner lid half, and Peasant in a wedge on the outer third of my eyelid, well-blended. Then I lined the outer half of my lash line and outer half of my water line with Peasant.

I think it makes a rather good simple daytime look, and representative of the brave women of fairytale lower classes. What about you? Do you have a favorite fairytale theme, or character?