Eye of the Week ~ Through the Looking Glass

Alice in Wonderland


I do love blue. And blue and brown are such a classic combination. I couldn’t help but be inspired by Alice in Wonderland, especially the Disney versions, as I set about with this look.


Printcess EOTW ~ Through the Looking Glass

My eyes are so darned hooded, it’s most accurately seen on my closed lid.

Printcess EOTW ~ Through the Looking Glass

That’s Once Upon A Time on my inner lid, Denouement in the middle of my lid, and Epilogue in the outer corner. It’s whimsical and fun, as all good eye looks should be. The world is serious enough already, without us adding to the nonsense!


Eye of the Week ~ One Monster After Another

I couldn’t resist naming this one after my personal favorite childhood book, and one that set me on the path of being a lifelong reader. Like the book, written & illustrated by the amazing Mercer Mayer, this look contains more complexity than it appears to.

Printcess Eye of the Week ~ One Monster After Another

It’s also very verdant.

Printcess Eye of the Week ~ One Monster After Another

Here you can see a bit of the vertical layering more.


That’s Narrative on the browbone, Prologue in the inner corner of my eyelid, Characters in the middle third of my eyelid, Forest on the outer bit of my eyelid, and Epilogue as a blended wing and as a liner. Add mascara and poof! Monstrously gorgeous eyes.

One Monster After Another by Mercer Mayer


Eye of the Week ~ Where the Sidewalk Ends




How about a daytime look that travels into the unusual, the poignantly ridiculous, the frivolous?

Printcess EOTW - Where the Sidewalk Ends Printcess EOTW - Where the Sidewalk Ends

That’s Mirror Mirror on the very inside portion of the eyelid, Epilogue over the rest of my eyelid, Slippers on my brow bone, and Peasant as a liner on my upper lid and outer third of my waterline.

This was just a bit of playing around, but I found out that a little dab of a slightly darker color (as Mirror Mirror is, compared to this light a layer of Epilogue) makes the eyes look slightly closer together.

Eye of the Week ~ The Velveteen Rabbit

I’ve gotten some questions about the difference in hue between Plot and Epilogue. Can you pair two browns without them looking muddy?


Yes, yes you can.

I swept Narrative over my brow bone, Plot from my lashes to just above the crease (blended into Narrative with a blending brush), and a line of Epilogue across my top lashes and on my lower water line.

The flash doesn’t add much here. But the concept is that different colors can layer atop similar colors for a very soft, blended, seamless look.

Eye of the Week ~ Tuck Everlasting

It’s been a typical grey, stormy, wet January here in Seattle. It’s not a never-ending pewter, but it does dampen the spirits (pun intended).

As color is my go-to happy maker, I fought the grey with some Easter egg pops of color, courtesy of Storytime and Prologue.

Pardon the low-light and blur. Also, I lined my lower waterline with Epilogue for a more polished of a look.

That’s Narrative on the brow bone, blended into the crease.

(with flash, for sparkle)

It didn’t chase the clouds away, but it did make me think of Spring, and my tulips. Proof positive that makeup can improve your mood!

Eye of the Week ~ Soft Neutrals

Hello, lovelies!

This week, I wanted a soft, neutral, daytime look, so I kept it simple. Narrative on my browbone to open my eyes, Prologue on the inner half of my lids to add some softening color, and Epilogue on the outside half of my lids to add some deepening shadows. For a more focused look, I could have added Epilogue as eyeliner, by slightly moistening a flat-edge brush and dabbing some at my lash line.

Image(in natural light)

Printcess Prologue, Epilogue, Narrative Mineral Eyeshadow (with flash, extra sparkly)