Eye of the Week ~ Through the Looking Glass

Alice in Wonderland


I do love blue. And blue and brown are such a classic combination. I couldn’t help but be inspired by Alice in Wonderland, especially the Disney versions, as I set about with this look.


Printcess EOTW ~ Through the Looking Glass

My eyes are so darned hooded, it’s most accurately seen on my closed lid.

Printcess EOTW ~ Through the Looking Glass

That’s Once Upon A Time on my inner lid, Denouement in the middle of my lid, and Epilogue in the outer corner. It’s whimsical and fun, as all good eye looks should be. The world is serious enough already, without us adding to the nonsense!


Eye of the Week ~ Island of the Blue Dolphins

Sometimes a light hand with makeup is not what’s called for. This is actually two blue eyeshadows- Once Upon A Time on the inner 3/4 of my eyelid, Denouement on the outer 1/4. With Slippers on my browbone to open them up, my eyes look bluey blue blue blue.

Printcess EOTW ~ Island of the Blue Dolphins Printcess EOTW ~ Island of the Blue Dolphins

They’re far more stunning from a distance, as Once Upon A Time has a fabulous shimmer to it. But up close you can see the blending of the two shades better. I feel like I was perhaps too subtle with the blues (resulting in a purely 1980’s look)…next time I’ll rock it out more noticeably.

What eyeshadow colors are you struggling to wear satisfactorily? Is there a color you just won‘t wear at all?

Featured Eyeshadow ~ Denouement

Today I want to feature a color from the Literature collection, and give you a bit more info about it.

Printcess Denouement Mineral Makeup

Denouement is a  medium Yale blue matte made of Sodium Aluminum Sulfosilicate (for color), Chromium Oxide (for color), Mica (for color), Boron Nitride (for staying power and slip), and Boron Oxide (for slip and silky texture).

Denouement means the final part of the narrative, in which the strands of the plot are drawn together and matters are explained or resolved. It’s the falling action, after the climax. It’s very similar to the epilogue, in fact….and when I created Denouement I already had the color Epilogue.

Printcess Denouement Swatch in Shadow Printcess Denouement Swatch in Sunlight

But I’m a bit of a snob, and Denouement is a pretty French word (pronounced ‘dah-new-moh’). Something about a twilight blue with occasional flash and shimmer screams French to me (Paris, in particular) and I have no idea why. Thus, the color got a name!

Paris at twilight

And here’s an embarrassing story for you: I hand stamp all of my labels, like a one-woman printing press. I stamped 20 labels for Denouement before I realized that I wasn’t exactly sure how to spell it. Sure enough, I was spelling it “Denoumont”.


Proof that even a bibliophage published author with a B.A. in English and Writing could use a little spellcheck.

Eye of the Week ~ Blue Romance

This time I went with a soft daytime matte look….and the added pop of a line of color.

I applied a light layer of Deus Ex Machina on my lids, into the crease. Then I swept a layer of Manuscript over my brow bone and down into the crease (so there was overlap between matte purple and sheer pink shimmer). Then I moistened a flat-edge brush, dipped it in Denouement, and dabbed a liner of blue on.

Printcess Manuscript Denouement Deus Ex Machina EOTW Eyeshadow (in natural light)

As you can tell, Denouement can be rather intense for a medium blue (which a friend refers to as “Yale Blue”).

Printcess Manuscript Denouement Deus Ex Machina EOTW Eyeshadow (also, I am bad at drawing a straight line.)





Printcess Manuscript Denouement Deus Ex Machina EOTW Eyeshadow (with flash, for sparkle)