Featured Eyeshadow ~ Peasant

And now for another embarrassing tale of makeup making:

In a true rags-to-riches twist, Peasant started out as a lovely dark tan. I was quite proud of the sand-tone color I’d made, thinking it excellent for neutral looks.

And then I put it on my eyes, as I test all my colors on myself first. And as I brushed it on, I realized it was streaking….I had forgotten to grind it down!

So I quickly ground it…and as I worked, this earthy tone became charcoal. Like magic!

Peasant from Printcess in Sun

And so my Cinderella color was born- a happy accident.

Peasant eyeshadow from Printcess

Thankfully, it’s still an excellent shadow…although more for smokey eye looks than nude looks.

Peasant from Printcess


Featured Eyeshadow ~ Ball

Disney Ball by suneestride

What is a fairytale without a ball? It’s the vehicle for romance that has inspired Sweet 16 parties across the globe; the original collaboration between dance and true love. Also, it’s the opportunity to pull out a truly fabulous pair of shoes.

Ball eyeshadow from Printcess

And in this case it’s also a chance to indulge in some purpley purple. With pink shimmer.

Ball from Printcess



Featured Eyeshadow ~ Royals

What would a fairytale be without royals to host a ball, provide an attractive heir, or make a beastly mistake?

Royals Eyeshadow from Printcess

Royals is a pinkish mauve, ostensibly ordinary but with an excellent versatility. It works as both a neutral tone for au naturale looks, and as a pinkish base for more dramatic looks. It’s probably more useful than royalty in fairytales usually is!

Royals from Printcess

Royals Eyeshadow from Printcess in ShadeRoyals Eyeshadow from Printcess in Sun

And if you’re like me, checking out this noble color will get this stuck in your head:

Featured Eyeshadow ~ Riddle

Fairytale Collection from Printcess

I released a brand new collection just a few days ago, inspired by fairytales and fairytale retellings. I can’t actually pick a favorite out of this collection, because I love them all. Very much.

But since the riddle is one of my favorite aspects of fairytales- that tricky witty thing that bends intention and tests mental mettle- that’s the shadow I’ll feature today.

Riddle Eye Shadow from Printcess

Riddle is a gorgeous burgundy shimmer that’s as much a catalyst as fairytale riddles can be.

Riddle Eyeshadow from Printcess in Shade Riddle Eyeshadow from Printcess in Sun

And speaking of my favorite fairytale retellings….I highly recommend this one:

Kill Me Softly, by Sarah Cross

Featured Eyeshadow ~ Prologue

Every story has to have a beginning. Why not make it a cheerful one? For me, moving to Seattle in 2008 was a great beginning to a new chapter of my life. And I chose Seattle, over San Diego, because it’s so verdant. All that rain makes for amazing shades of green.

Tada! Prologue.

So here’s the prologue for Printcess: Trying to find mineral eye shadow that didn’t look ten years younger than I am, a particularly nasty customer service experience with an indie mineral makeup company, and a 15-month-long stint of unemployment that left me penniless were the impetus to start my own mineral makeup company.

And although I’ve had plenty of small frustrations in mixing up colors and learning the art of micas and oxides, it’s wickedly good fun to play mad scientist.

In shadow

In sunlight

What’s your favorite color to start new beginnings with?

Featured Eyeshadow ~ Storytime

When Pantone announced the 2014 color of the year, my first thought was “I can’t look good in that color”. My second thought was “I bet I could make an eye shadow in that”.

What do you think? Did I come close to the mark?

Here’s what it looks like on:

In shadow

In sunlight

I gotta say, my favorite part about this color is that Storytime sparkles in the sun, but not the shade.

And please forgive the goosebumps- in January in Seattle, the one day the sun popped out it was about 35 degrees. Brrr!

Honestly, I’m eager to see 2015’s color of the year…I’m betting it’ll be a dark burnished gold. Betting? Sorry, I meant hoping. ­čśë

Featured Eyeshadow ~ Denouement

Today I want to feature a color from the Literature collection, and give you a bit more info about it.

Printcess Denouement Mineral Makeup

Denouement is a  medium Yale blue matte made of Sodium Aluminum Sulfosilicate (for color), Chromium Oxide (for color), Mica (for color), Boron Nitride (for staying power and slip), and Boron Oxide (for slip and silky texture).

Denouement means the final part of the narrative, in which the strands of the plot are drawn together and matters are explained or resolved. It’s the falling action, after the climax. It’s very similar to the epilogue, in fact….and when I created Denouement I already had the color Epilogue.

Printcess Denouement Swatch in Shadow Printcess Denouement Swatch in Sunlight

But I’m a bit of a snob, and Denouement is a pretty French word (pronounced ‘dah-new-moh’). Something about a twilight blue with occasional flash and shimmer screams French to me (Paris, in particular) and I have no idea why. Thus, the color got a name!

Paris at twilight

And here’s an embarrassing story for you: I hand stamp all of my labels, like a one-woman printing press. I stamped 20 labels for Denouement before I realized that I wasn’t exactly sure how to spell it. Sure enough, I was spelling it “Denoumont”.


Proof that even a bibliophage published author with a B.A. in English and Writing could use a little spellcheck.