Featured Eyeshadow ~ Peasant

And now for another embarrassing tale of makeup making:

In a true rags-to-riches twist, Peasant started out as a lovely dark tan. I was quite proud of the sand-tone color I’d made, thinking it excellent for neutral looks.

And then I put it on my eyes, as I test all my colors on myself first. And as I brushed it on, I realized it was streaking….I had forgotten to grind it down!

So I quickly ground it…and as I worked, this earthy tone became charcoal. Like magic!

Peasant from Printcess in Sun

And so my Cinderella color was born- a happy accident.

Peasant eyeshadow from Printcess

Thankfully, it’s still an excellent shadow…although more for smokey eye looks than nude looks.

Peasant from Printcess


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