Eye of the Week ~ Dangerous Fab

Team Evil is always better dressed. So today I felt wickedly like pulling out Villain, Narrative, and Characters and having some fun.

Printcess Villain Characters Narrative Eyeshadow (oh, the drama!) Printcess Villain Characters Narrative Eyeshadow (actually came out softer than expected)

Printcess Villain Characters Narrative Eyeshadow (with flash, for sparkle)

I swept Narrative over my brow bone, then a layer of Characters over my entire lid. Then a thick but light layer of Villain like a liner (smudged over Characters). Then I moistened a flat-edged liner brush and added Villain as an upper lid and lower lashline liner.

For all that it sparkle silver, I had to lay it on thickly to notice it. I don’t know how I made this black glitterbomb subtle, but apparently I did! I should’ve taken a photo of my closed lid (d’oh!) as my deep-set eyes obfuscate the gorgeous teal of this color).


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